2014 ,№1

Macroeconomics with chemical potential


Within the limits of the thermodynamic approach to macroeconomics for the ideal macroeconomic system submitting the Bose — Einstein statistics with nonzero chemical potential the equation of the state of system is constructed. It is shown that the economy of the USA of the XX-th century submited to this statistics and satisfied to the received equation of the state in the determined periods. It is shown that federal budget of the USA has the cluster structure. There are clusters of two types: the n-clusters and the µ-clusters with different properties. The different clusters types are alternating. The each from the clusters corresponds to certain rate of falling of profitability at growth of a cost part of the federal budget. Eventually rate of this falling is decreasing for the n-clusters, and remain idem for the m-clusters.

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Dmitry N. Kachevsky – Cand. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics, Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulyanov  (Cheboksary, Russian Federation; e-mail: kachevskydn@mail.ru).