Review process

The Journal publishes large review and research articles on the problems of modern economic theory, including issues of political economy, institutional and evolutionary economics, neo-institutional and neoclassical theories and other theoretical views. A literature review sufficient for the formulation of a theoretical problem is a must for accepted articles. The Journal also welcomes a scientific illustration of the application of economic and theoretical constructions for assessing and forecasting the development of society and the real economy.

Articles that do not meet the economic and theoretical scope of the Journal, as well as the formal requirements for the design of the material, are not accepted for consideration and are not registered. In case of successful registration of the article, an electronic message is sent to the authors confirming the receipt of the article by the editorial office, indicating the registration number and the terms of consideration.

All manuscripts are checked for originality using special software. If plagiarism is detected, then, depending on the clarified circumstances, the manuscript may be rejected.

All received and registered manuscripts are subject to double-blind review according to the parameters of relevance, compliance with the Journal’s scope, completeness of criticism of previous research, scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance, the reasonableness of presentation and validity of conclusions, style and compliance with the requirements for formatting. The decision on the publication of materials is made by the Editorial Board, which can accept for publication, recommend the author to finalize the article or reject the materials.

The authors can get the results of the review by sending a request by e-mail in accordance with the periods of materials processing.

Periods of materials processing


No. of The Journal of Economic Theory  (in the current year)

Manuscript   ssubmission

Authors can get the results of the review after the specified date Publication date
№ 1 August  21st , — 20 November 20th (of the previous year) December 25th (of the previous year) March
№ 2 November 21st (of the previous year) — February 20th  (of the current year) March 25th  (of the current year) June
№ 3 February 21st  —  May 20th  (of the current year) June 30th  (of the current year) September
№ 4 May 21st  — August 20th  (of the current year) September 30th  (of the current year) December

Reviewing, publishing, editing, pagination and storage are free of charge for authors.

Manuscripts submission e-mail address:

By submitting a manuscript to the Journal of Economic Theory, the author thereby agrees that it will be published in the Journal and will be freely available.

In submitting a manuscript for publication, an author guarantees, that the article and any supplemental information submitted therewith are the author’s original work and have not been published in English or any other language. If the article has been published, the author must provide the permission letter of the copyright holder to reprint the article. Therewith, the author confirms, that the submitted paper has not currently been considered for publication anywhere else and will not be submitted for such review while under review by the Journal of Economic Theory.

A license agreement will be concluded with the authors of the materials accepted for publication in the Journal of Economic Theory.