2014 ,№3

Dynamics of the external debt of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Implementation of reforms in our country in many areas after independence has made it necessary to attract foreign financial resources into the economy. Conducted in connection with the use of external debt funds policy which I sprat of the economic policy of the state, particularly the effective use of external debt funds, timely payments on foreign debt stake and their service is a factor positively influencing the software prolonged socio-economic development for each country attracting into its economy these funds. It is these issues are reflected in the article. In the paper the influence off actor external debt on Azerbaijan’ economy in market conditions, an assessment of the current state, extensively analyzed statistical materials on the country’s economy attracted foreign debt. Thus, the increase investigated, data external public debt of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the dynamics of increase compared with the previous year, as well as classification terms of payment , the growth rate in relation to the date of payment for the previous year. In addition, there have been extensive studies of the structure of the external public debt by region, giving these tools, service indicators on external public debt currency structure of external public debt dynamics marked by a relative rise in GDP per capita relative to the dynamics of growth of external debt. As one of the components parts of the external debt policy, as reflected in the article and the share of external debt in GDP. The article presents a comparative analysis of the amount of external public debt and total exports of the country. One of the study is to analyze the problems of external debt indicators per capita labor force. As stated in the article, most of the workforce is economically active population. And economically active population consists of all employed and unemployed. Therefore, the economically active population has a small share in the total population compared to the working population. Of interest in the article presented an analysis of indicators of external debt per capita in the economically active population and external debt per capita busy.

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Anar Aktiv ogly Gusejnov – Graduate Student, Azerbaijan State University of Economics (Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, e-mail: nazimxx@yahoo.com).