2014 ,№1

Dynamic theory of economic interaction elements


In the framework of probabilistic and dynamic aspect of the neoclassical theory the interaction of production — Economic Systems (PES) in a perfect market is considered. The mechanism of this interaction is due to parametric perturbation degrees of freedom PES forming volumes of demand and supply systems is described. The condition for optimal interaction, consisting in equal quantities of this value at each local communications market is obtained. The relations between the volumes of supply and demand with their money presentations — cost, profit margin, the price on the supply and demand are established. The special attention is paid to the stability of commodity- monetary exchanges and the various forms of manifestation of the law of demand is given. The possibility of transition from neo-classical interpretation of economic cooperation to a new institutional is discussed.

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Vyacheslav A. Slavin — Associate Professor, branch of Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (Cheboksary, Russian Federation; e-mail: slavin9297@mail.ru).