2015, №2

Approach to the efficiency evaluation of the company’s organization structure

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The article presents a method of comparing various options of the organizational structure of a business entity, a generalized indicator of the corresponding alterations is introduced as well. The priorities of the business owners were chosen as basic for the purpose of determining the dominating goals of such organizational changes. The author analyzes the types of goals that the stockholders pursue, as well as the resources that are usually utilized to achieve them. The influence of the resources on the results was estimated based on indirect effect. It is proposed to use the indicator of the organizational productivity as a common criteria for evaluating efficiency of the organizational solutions. The indicator is calculated as ratio of the target result achieved due to the conducted changes to tangible, timing and other applying costs. The author introduces the formula for calculating such an indicator. It is noted in the closure that the best organizational change will be the one which brings the higher organizational productivity.

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Dmitry A. Zhdanov – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail: djhdanov@mail.ru).