2017, №2

Theoretical and Methodological Approach to Machine-Building Enterprise Development under Industrial Policy


The purpose of the article is to reveal the theoretical foundations and feasibility of modern methodological approaches to machine-building enterprise development under the industrial policy. The article describes the evolution of life stages of machine-building enterprise development and timeline of industrial policy as well as specific features of machine-building enterprise development in the current context. The key feature is active self-management of machine-building enterprises which manifest itself in a complex integration of large, medium-sized and small enterprises of the industry. Based on the impact degree of external and internal factors, the four models of machine- building enterprise development have been identified. High-priority steps have been developed for each model in order to guarantee the development of the machine-building enterprise at the managerial and governmental level under the industrial policy.

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Anastasiya I. Khisamova – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Perm State University  (Perm, Russian Federation; e-mail: aimaks2007@yandex.ru).

Evgeniy V. Scheglov – Senior Lecturer,  Perm State Agro-Technological University named after Academician D.N. Pryanishnikov (Perm, Russian Federation; e-mail: evsh15@yandex.ru).