2016, №1

The theory and practice of entrepreneurship


This article considers the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. Practical and theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship activity are considered in this work, various approaches to entrepreneurship studying are investigated. Special attention is paid with the concept of corporate social responsibility: substantiates its theoretical inconsistency and at the same time shows its prevalence in practice. Negative influence of applicability of the concept of social responsibility of business on modern business is revealed and proved. Based on the study, the authors identified the main obstacles of the modern entrepreneurship.

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Viktoriya Vl.  Moseyko — Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Institute of Industrial Economics and Management, Kaliningrad State Technical University (Kaliningrad, Russian Federation; e-mail: vimoseiko@gmail.com).

Tatiana Vl. Moseyko – Head of the Department for Work with Members of the Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kemerovo, Russian Federation; e-mail: black-ti@inbox.ru).