2016, №3

The Past and Future of Economic Science from the Point of View of the Pragmatist Philosophy

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The word «liberalism» in Russia became almost abusive. Liberalism, which the Russians saw in action, is neoliberalism, to the birth, development and spread of which economists are most relevant. Neoliberalism is a continuation of the first theories of economists, namely of the physiocrats and Adam Smith. The article outlines the basics of epistemology and ontology of the pragmatist philosophy of John Dewey, which was consistent with research practices of the German historical-ethical school and the original American institutionalism. In addition to his theory of knowledge Dewey developed his version of liberalism, based on his model of human being which he contrasts to the model of homo oeconomicus. The article proposes to reorganize the activities of economists in line with the ideas of Dewey.

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Vladimir M.  Yefimov – Dr. Sci. (Econ.),  Independent Researcher, France (e-mail: vladimir.yefimov@wanadoo.fr).