2016, №3

The Institutional Sources of Clustering Effects

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The paper provides an overview on six cluster`s institutions reducing transaction costs in an interfirm collaboration — institutions of innovation generation, “coopetition”, knowledge generation, communication; trust and protection against opportunistic behavior and on five positive effects — agglomeration effect, learning effect, innovation effect, institutional effect and synergic effect. The study presents an interplay between specific institutions and clustering effects fostering additional benefits from cluster structure. This interplay proceeds as follows: the agglomeration effect appears to be a basic clustering effect, which forming proceeds without institutions` functioning; learning effect operates due to institutions of trust, communication, coopetition and protection against opportunistic behavior; innovative effect operates due to institutions of innovation and knowledge generation, institutional effect requires all institutions to operate and synergic effect is a resulting effect from all clustering effects.

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Daria M. Kazakova – Postgraduate student, Institute of Economics of the  Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: mal-ba@mail.ru).