2017, №1

The Growth Theory of Industrial Enterprise: The Choice of the Optimal Trajectory


The study of the mechanism of the economic growth of the industrial enterprise is especially relevant during the crisis period of the development of national economy. The modeling of economic growth of the enterprises faces a problem of a choice of adequate criteria of the optimization of the management of growth and the development of the subjects of the real sector of the economy. The tools offered in the article allow to expand the list of criteria of optimality of the enterprise’s growth trajectory. The growth rate of revenue along with maximizing profit has to be optimized according to the major factors of production: work and capital. In its turn, the major factors are also structured to elementary components that give to the research complexity. The main objective of the research is the formation of the analytical factorial model of the economic growth of the enterprise. It assumes the allocation and the analysis of the main components of growth at the level of microeconomics: own and loan capital, specific standards of controllability and security with a manpower, elasticity of release and other indicators. The comparative analysis of the actual and optimum growth rates of revenue according to factors allows planning optimum decisions on the use of the main resources of the enterprise for a future period, thereby, creating opportunities for the steady growth and development of the industrial enterprise.

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Konstantin Al. Machin – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Polzunov Altai State Technical University (Barnaul, Russian Federation; e-mail: matschin@yandex.ru).