The current issue of AlterEconomics (No. 20(2), 2023) has been published!

In the current issue (No. 20(2), 2023), read about the Great and Little Divergence as one of the ways to understand the modern economy; how the difference in norms of behavior towards “in-group” and “out-group” affects the welfare of countries and about the impact of foreign trade on economic growth in the labor theory of growth. The current issue will introduce you to the meme concept as a synthesis of the narrative and institution concept, to the concept of «cobra effect» which is a significant danger in the development of strategies for the development of territories, as well as the description of the effect of «race for the leader» in the analysis of market structures. The issue actualizes the issues of heterogeneity of the impact of monetary policy pursued by Central Banks on various macro indicators of the national economy; features of old-age pension provision in modern socialist countries and ways to assess the impact of the institutional structure of Russian corporations on their effectiveness.

The issue is available

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