2016, №3

The Current Economic Crisis through the Prism of the Theory of the Cyclical Nature of Reproduction

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The purpose of this article is to substantiate the relevance at the present stage of economic development the theory of social reproduction and its practical application. The article reveals that the current crisis is a systemic crisis, which is based on the crisis of social reproduction. Previous theory and methods of regulation of economic processes and the way out of crisis was unacceptable. They came into conflict with the main principle of capitalism — competition. The global economy is becoming more unstable and uncontrollable. The result is absolute and immoral domination of financial markets and of speculation going on an uncontrollable stratification of society. The current economic crisis, in fact is a consequence of the spontaneously-a fictitious movement of the value of the social product in the reproduction process that led to this decoupling of the financial sector from the real, which lost the ability to control the economic process. The article describes the main provisions of the theory of the cyclical nature of reproduction. Reproduction in the dynamics of the process manifests itself as a continuously recurring cycles consisting of four successive stages in developing and proportional dialectical unity: production — distribution — exchange — consumption. The proportionality of this process can and should be provided by the conscious activity of governmental structures (institutions) the skillful use of the laws of reproduction, methods and instruments of forecasting and planning, proportional development of the reproductive process.

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Anatoly S. Neshitoy  – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Professor,  Leading Research Associate, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Fedeartion; e-mail: a-nesh@yandex.ru).