2015, №4

Technological determinant of Russian economy overcoming of structural de-socialization

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The degenerative processes dominate in the structure of transforming Russian economy, implemented to de-industrialization and technological decrease, to the fixed assets deprivation and non-market sector expansion, to the growth of corruption. In these conditions crisis of innovation activity, preservation of resource-consumptive technologies, costs growth and international competitiveness fail are very possible. De-industrialization of economy leads to the structural de-socializing which can be recognized by social wellbeing downfall, slowing down of social lifts, worsening of social situations. And to overcome the structural de-socializing, the digitalization of producing goods and structural convergence needed. All this can make the ground of innovative development of modern industries based on common digital technologies.

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Sergey A.  ZhironkinCand. Sci. (Econ.),  Associate Professor, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics (Tomsk; Russian Federation;  e-mail: zhironkin@inbox.ru).