2015 ,№1

System Imbalances of the Macroeconomic Development: Synergetrics Aspect


A process of the global political coordination is caused the prevention initiatives of the macroeconomic imbalances of state members of the «Group of Twenty» G20. The international institutes determine a systemacity of imbalances by the system significance of countries. Consequences of influence of imbalances, but not causes are analyzed in such context. The article aimed to reveal the system sources of the macroeconomic imbalances applying the postulates of general theory of systems. The goal considers the solving of following tasks: a typology of system macroeconomic imbalances is proposed, methods of their estimation in world economy, indicators of balanced economic development of main developed countries, the USA, the euro area countries, Ukraine are analyzed. The functional and structural adaptation, creating conditions aimed the performing Ashby’s law, taking into account the new paradigm of general theory of systems in managing process of the macroeconomic systems development are proposed in order to damp the imbalances.

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Tatyana V. Shchetylova – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Senior Research Associate, Department of Financial and Economic Problems of Industrial Potential Use, Doctoral student, Institute of Industrial Economics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Donetsk, Ukraine; e-mail: ritaira@mail.ru).