2017, №2

Supra-National Currency as Synthesis of Reserve and Payment Means: SDR and United States Dollar

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Some researchers reasonably believe that the supra-national reserve currency has a number of advantages in comparison with the national reserve currency. However, more than 70 years, the global reserve currency is the national currency (US dollar). During this time, non-national international units of account were introduced (Special Drawing Rights (SDR), European Currency Unit (ECU) etc.). However, none of them became a key currency. The article presents characteristics of the supranational currency, which will increase its chances to become the global currency. We believe that characteristics of the supranational currency, which can take leading positions, will include the characteristics of the national currency, in particular, US dollar and SDR (in their current representation).

Elena Vl. Rozhentsova – PhD in Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Perm, Russian Federation; e-mail: aulita@yandex.ru).