2012 № 3

Some of the Approaches to the Development of Endogenous Growth Theory


This article is devoted to recent approaches to the modeling of endogenous growth in key areas of research: consumer behavior, the construction of production functions, the behavior of producers, the general economic equilibrium and economic dynamics. The production function of final goods is constructed, based on the synthesis of endogenous growth mechanisms through human capital accumulation and expanding variety of intermediate goods. The dynamic game with imperfect information, as a model of producer behavior, is developed. The model of the business sector of the economy as a collection of fuzzy coalitions is stated and analyzed. In the model of fuzzy game certain new verifiable theoretical conclusions on the state of general equilibrium in the economy and the nature of economic dynamics are drawn.

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Andrey V. Van-Ilya – Master of Economic Sciences (Minsk, Republic of Belarus; e-mail: andrei_van-ilya@tut.by).