2017, №1

Segmentation of the Market Demand for Passenger Transport Services

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The development of a system of tariff options is an essential condition of the successful functioning of the urban and suburban passenger transport system. At present, the tariff options and the corresponding prices for the multiple and single tickets are generated empirically and do not provide maximum revenue. The author offers a method of decomposition of the integrated curve of demand for the two-tier private curves system of demand segment, which then is used for the optimization of travel fares at the segment level. Previously, there is possible a rough estimate of optimal travel fares using the known total integrated demand curve. The article gives two types of optimizations: a «consistent» one (less accurate) and «parallel» one. For the case when the demand curve become a straight line negatively tilted, design equations are given and a comparison of the received results is carried out.

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Mikhail M. Erikhov  – Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Kurgan Branch of the Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of  RAS (Kurgan, Russian Federation; e-mail: erikhovm@gmail.com).