2013 № 2

Political economy versus economics

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Political economy and economics are based on different methodology. The first rests on the continental philosophy, which assumes a study of the essence of economic phenomena, the second on the analytical philosophy, which places as the chief concern the functional interrelation of the properties of object of study. In this case object itself can be described from the positions “philosophy of ordinary language”. At the article two such objects — nonmaterial good and servicesare examined. It is shown that behind of functional characteristics of the phenomena indicated hides itself the specific material basis, as which comes out economic information. Its capitalization determines a price of service. In the opinion of the author, all economic phenomena have double nature, coming out, at first place, as the goods — the objects of property, which pass from the salesman to the buyer, preserving its physical appearance, at second place, in the form packed services, which disappear in the process of consumption. Goods compose the object of politico-economic study, service have marginal nature and relate to the scope of economics. These two branches of economic science form single whole — general economic theory.

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Evgeny P. Dyatel — Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor of the Department of Economic Theory, Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: dуatel1942@mail.ru).