2017, №3

Place Marketing 3.0: Identification of New Conceptual Framework of Regional Development


In the article, the author identifies the theoretical framework of the new perspective research program of place marketing 3.0, as well as its ecological section. The origin of the valuable integrated marketing 3.0 relates to the paradoxes of globalization, growth of the role of creative society in economic development, collaboration of producers and customers in the field of design and promotion, global environmental problems, post-industrialization of the modern economy, realization of the efficiency of corporate social responsibility, constructive dialogue of the leaders of the world leading countries concerning the global problems of mankind, and also to the increase of the role of non-governmental organizations in the solution of social and environmental problems on different levels. The author substantiates the perspectives of the integration of the marketing principles into the paradigm of the sustainable development of territories and emphasis of a key role of the values of sustainable development within the place marketing 3.0. The urgent directions for the development of place marketing 3.0 including the integration of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations into the system of territorial marketing, development of institutional and stakeholder approaches to the promotion of brands of the territories, detalization of the analysis of socio-ecological systems in the aspect of their market behavior are defined. Metacustomers as a new formation of territories’ stakeholders, whose principal driver of economic behavior are the supreme values, in the traditions of humanistic science, are referred to the objects of place marketing 3.0. Its subjects are self-actualized companies, which are guided by sustainable development goals aimed at the satisfaction of metacustomers and not conflicting to the supreme human values. The author offers the perspective direction of place marketing 3.0 – ecological place marketing. Its target and subject matter are the multilevel socio-ecological systems. The key directions of its development in fundamental and application-oriented aspects are presented.

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Anastasiya S. Strekalova — PhD in Biological Sciences, Senior Research Associate of Department of Marketing, Volgograd State University (Volgograd, Russian Federation; e-mail: strekalovaas@mail.ru).