2015 ,№1

Peculiarities of Modern Economy Research

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This paper presents the author’s views upon initial premises of the modern economy theoretic investigation from the positions of a human being’s double-dealing nature which combines two original sources — individualism and collectivism. After a short survey of some economists’ views showing the tendency of strengthening the economy’s social aspects next part is devoted to characterize from above-mentioned positions four ontological premises of any economic theory — subjects, objects, human relations and social institutes. Special attention is paid to the role of State as the most important institution which greatly influences the character of market economy. The report’s last part characterizes social-regulated market economy existing in most developed and civilized countries.

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Yuriy K. Knyazev — Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Chief Research Associate, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail: kyuk151@rambler.ru).