2013 № 1

Methodology of rent investigation in interrelated markets

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The methodology aimed at investigating the causes of emerging the rent is enriched with the balance systems method. This method allows for changes in the interaction of markets and in the gross resourceness of commodities caused by the rent emergence. By its instrumentality the rental effects of the monopoly of private property on a non-reproducible resource are described. It is shown that in absence of other changes in the economy the restrictions on productive use of the non-reproducible commodity can increase neither balance value of the stock of this commodity nor the rent from this stock. However, it is possible that both balance value of the stock of another non-reproducible commodity and the corresponding rent can raise as a result of such restrictions, providing that both commodities are used in the same production process. The conditions are derived that allow the monopoly of private property on the non-reproducible commodity to launch the processes resulting in emerging such rent regardless to both the natural properties of the commodity and the competitiveness of its market.

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Nikolay M. Svetlov   – Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Professor, Russian State Agrarian University — Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail svetlov-nm@ranepa.ru).