2016, №2

Internal financial control system in the corporation: system approach opotunities


The focus of this article is one of the most controversial scientific problems of internal financial control — the problem of the control system of the organization as the financial management functions of organizations. The author of the article the following objectives: 1) to reveal the methodological features of a systemic approach; 2) to analyze the state of the problem of the system of internal financial control within the five research areas — general, sectoral, subject-management, risk-based, evaluation; 3) identify the essential features of each area; 4) carry out a critical analysis of the major scientific works devoted to the problem of the system of financial control in the context of all the research areas; 5) identify promising areas of scientific papers. Research tools were the methods of dialectics, logical, systematic, structural and comparative analysis, synthesis and generalization. In the course of the study the author assesses the results of fundamental scientific works devoted to the problem of the system of internal financial control; opened restriction applies to them a systematic approach methodology; revealed the objective preconditions for the development of the system of financial control in corporations; identified new areas of research in the field of corporate finance control system — theoretical, methodological, managerial and strategic, managerial and tactical, managerial and social. Application of the results — the corporate finance management. The study led to the conclusion that today the problem of organizing the system of corporate financial control remains unresolved until the end. A significant obstacle to this was the prevailing asymmetry between the degree of complexity of the evolving problem and the level applied for its solution toolkit. In order to overcome the crisis of methodology leading research tool in the given field of knowledge should become a systematic analysis.

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Vladimir N. Zhukov – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of State Financial Control, Accounting and Auditing, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics  (Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail: vn-zhukov@mail.ru).