2017, №2

Innovation and Industrial Policy as Part of Transition to Industry 4.0: Foreign Trends and Challenges for Russia

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Mankind is entering a new technological race, and its leaders will be countries the first to create industry 4.0. The fourth technological revolution is expected to increase dramatically the volume of goods while reducing the resources expended. Manual labor in industrial enterprises will be replaced with cyber-physical systems. We expect that the world economic power balance will undergo major changes: the developed countries will return productions moved into developing countries. However, technologically it would be entirely new productions: the cost of manual labor and the threat of environmental pollution is no longer the determining factor. The study makes recommendations to enhance industry 4.0 formation in Russia due to the change of emphasis in public authorities policy, the creation of regional multi-innovation hub systems, conditions for the creative industries development, improving staff training programs including management training for the innovative development of the economy.

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Egor Al. Yumaev – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Omsk State Technical University (Omsk, Russian Federation; e-mail: egorumaev@rambler.ru).