2013 № 2

How to use the potential of the classical political economy of capitalism in the interests of modern Russia (or option reaktualization of «Capital» of K. Marx)


Onesided economic policies so far pursued by Russian liberals clearly not in the interests of Russia, has proved to be ineffective in the last two decades. Despite the improvement in many socio-economic performance in the beginning of this century, compared to the 90-ies, the country is drawn into a new version of stagnation. Reproduction of economists, coming on the basis of teaching them only neo require revision of the education policy. , A combination of classical economics to neoclassical. It needs to revive the teaching of Marxist political economy and capitalism as the top classics. But the «Capital» Marx in the current environment requires some modernization, the new edition of this great economic work, as it seems archaic in some moments. The basis of all obsolete provisions of «Capital» Marx is proven law of growth of the organic composition of capital. If, in accordance with the methodology of Marx to make at least one more step in the ascent from the abstract to the concrete — to the organic composition of capital to the value, then it is sufficient to update the Marxist study. Thus arises, a new image of the political economy of capitalism, based on the consistent application of the methodology of Marx, which makes the «Capital» in the current edition of the private, very special case of a more general, but still Marxist political economy of capitalism. In this new form, it can be taught in universities as a first step of exploring the general economic theory.

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Vyacheslav A. Biryukov  – Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate,  Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail: birva@migmail.ru).