2013 № 3

From alienation to embeddedness: theoretical and practical questions of the Northern resource management

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The author presents the major world achievements of the last decades how to overcome tragedy of the commons. He describes the main Russian schools elaborating the theme of governing the commons. He characterizes Russian problems related to commons and suggests measures to overcome communities’ alienation of the commons. Simultaneously these measures can increase efficiency of the resource management in Russia. Only the approach to study the development of the Northern regions on the platform of governing the commons can provide the necessary width and breadth of the understanding of visible and tacit engines of growth and development of these territories, the reasons of energy or apathy of the local community; it let find the institutions and tools of the fair and effective distribution of the public wealth.

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Alexander N. Pelyasov –  Dr. Sci. (Geography), Professor of Economics and Management, Director of the Center for the Northern and Arctic Economies, Council for the Study of Productive Forces (Moscow, Russian Federation;  e-mail: pelyasov@mail.ru).