2014 ,№4

Evolution of the theoretical concepts of competition


The globalization of socio-economic processes, changes in the structure of the economy, the growth of the openness of national economies, information and network nature of economic relations, the gradual transformation of business processes towards the formation of an economy based on information and knowledge-resources, lead to changes in the content of the competition. Theoretical understanding of the modern content of competition, its role in the modern economy requires a study of the evolution of the theoretical interpretations of the competition.

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Galina M.  Zaloznaya – Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor, Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Management, Orenburg State Agrarian University (Orenburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: zalozn@rambler.ru).

Rafael N. Ishimbaev  – Graduate student, Orenburg State Institute of Management (Orenburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: rafael75@mail.ru).