2016, №4

Estimation of transaction costs for the information product

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The aim of the paper is to study the applied instruments of assess transaction costs of the information product in the Information Society, based on the analogy of differentiation of information and meta-information. The main objectives of the work are: the definition of areas of expansion of the Information Society, review of information as an economic good and approaches to assess transaction costs for the sales cycle of information goods. The paper discusses the main directions of the expansion of the information society in the canvas of modern concepts and empirical material of the last decade. Through the prism of the institutional theory of the role of information is treated as an active element of modern market mechanisms and discusses the distinction between the transaction base of information and meta-information in the interaction of agents in e-commerce market. On the basis of the specifications of transaction costs on the steps of the complete cycle of e-commerce tools offered evaluate their level, taking into account information structure goods. The proposed methods of assessing differentiated: on the basis of the present value of the actual value of the information to the meta-information; taking into account the cost of the related information services; taking into account the volume of the primary information, which is transmitted periodically; taking into account the values of the meta-information at each stage of the cycle of e-commerce. The study used a system-institutional approach, methods of formal logic, expert evaluation, methods and criteria of the specification costs.

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Danila V.  Valko — Cand. Sci. (Econ.),  Associate Professor, Provost for Research, South-Ural Institute of Management and Economics (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation; e-mail: valkodv@inueco.ru).