2013 № 3

Elasticity of production function and optimum output


The production function, which elasticity with increase in volume of a used resource decreases from value, bigger units, to value, smaller units, «naturally» describes evolution of real economic systems from the point of view of maximizing profit. If elasticity of production function is more than unit, concentration of production is favorable. If elasticity of production function is less than unit, favorable there is a production de-concentration. At the volume of a resource close to value at which elasticity is equal to unit, it is provided at most rates of return of the «isolated» production. Thus the total profit poorly depends on degrees of concentration of production that characterizes stability of a condition of economic system.

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Sergey M. Kolomiets – Dr. Sci. (Technical Sci.), Associate Professor, Obninsk, Russian Federation; e-mail: kolomiets@mail.ru).