2013 № 1

Educational modernizations in periods of systemic transformations: Economic history retrospective

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The article proposes a theoretical synthesis of historical experience of two types of educational modernizations: during transition from agrarian to industrial society and its subsequent transformation into post-industrial society. Based on historical cases of a sample of countries the author defines basic features of educational modernizations as regards their duration and efficiency. When discussing the available evidence of post-industrial educational modernization in Russia the author analyses what challenges the country faces and what kind of available human capital it has to address them. The analysis outcomes support the opinion that the tasks for catch-up development are more relevant for Russia in the near term comparing to the tasks for innovational development in its proper sense.

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Dmitry V. Didenko – Cand. Sci. (History), Researcher, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation;  e-mail: ddidenko@bloomberg.net).