2015, №4

Econometric analysis of spillover effects of foreign direct investment in the Ural region


Known empirical studies on the identification and estimation of spillover effects from FDI in the host economy showed mixed results for different countries, what motivate us to conduct own research. Econometric analysis of panel data was carried out based on the ORBIS data base on 862 Ural companies in 2005-2013. It was found that horizontal spillover effects of FDI are statistically significant and negative impact on the performance of companies.

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Natalya V. Shastina – Master’s student at the Department of Econometrics and Statistics, Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation;  e-mail: shasnatwlad@mail.ru). 

Danil E. Shilkov – Graduate student, Ural Federal University, Department of Econometrics and Statistics (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation;  e-mail: 3720424@gmail.com).