EASET-2024. Mainstream vs political economy: global challenges

On 27 June 2024, within the framework of the XI European-Asian Symposium on Economic Theory (EASET-2024) a scientific session «Mainstream vs political economy: global challenges» was held.

The session was moderated by Dr. Ovchinnikova, Director of the Udmurt branch of the Institute of Economics (Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). At the session, the reports of Dr. Orekhovsky and Dr. Yakovleva provoked a lively discussion. Prof. Orekhovsky’s report was devoted to the discourse on the multiple meanings of understanding socialism and the political-economic structure of the USSR, Soviet structuralism, and the economy of the Soviet period, which is of particular importance for understanding the current economic situation. While in his report Dr. Orekhovsky paid special attention to the economists of the period of the collapse of the USSR and Russian reforms of the 1990s, highlighting the populist ideas of a number of domestic economists and their results, Prof. Yakovleva touched upon the prospects of Russian education and the future of political economy. She offered a philosophical and political-economic reflection on the classical and modern Marxist view of education. In her report, the speaker systematically considered the transformations to which the social sphere, in particular the education system, is subjected under the influence of global and national challenges. Prof. Yakovleva drew attention both to the legacy of K. Marx and to how today’s Marxism of the XXI century is developing, revealing what it provides for understanding modern reality. Prof. Yakovleva also presented a textbook on political economy, containing both basic and advanced levels of immersion in the subject. Dr. Kurysheva (Southern Federal University) and Dr. Vernikov reported on the problems of financial sector growth and its impact on the modern economy. Their report also received a bright and positive response.