Dear authors of the Journal of Economic Theory!

Thank you for your articles published on the pages of the Journal in 2021 and previous years. As we see the papers are very popular with the readers, and we hope that in the coming years the number of readers will increase.

To take the Journal to a whole new level we are rebranding it.

Firstly, since 2022 the Journal has had a new name — AlterEconomics. It reflects the modern ambitions of the founder and the editorial board to enter the English-speaking part of the world to find a fresh look at the problems of economic theory, and the desire to broaden the audience for our authors. In Latin, English and a number of other languages alter means «another, alternative», or «change, modify». Therefore, the new name better corresponds to the mission of the Journal — to promote the development of economic theory, more suitable for the modern complex multinational and changing world. Interestingly, in German, the word alter means «old», and this accent suits us too. Undeservedly forgotten «good old economic theory», whose representatives perceived our world more holistically and harmoniously, will definitely be in the focus of the Journal.

Secondly, we increased the number of languages for publishing articles. The Journal accepts articles written in Russian, English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.  So we welcome you and your foreign colleagues to the pages of the Journal with relevant papers.

Thirdly, the update of the Journal’s website is ending. We hope that it will not only become more modern and attractive but will help the authors and readers of the Journal to find each other faster.

We will be glad to see you again among the authors of the Journal in 2022!

Faithfully, the editorial team.