2017, №3

Economy as the Scope of Research in the System of Social Sciences


The author shows some theoretical results of studying the economy and territorial and economic systems. Their natural-social and economic essence is reflected from the philosophical-methodological and geographical points of view, which are considered in the definition of the subject matter of the regional economics as the scientific discipline. Its main subject matter is the mechanism of territorial management on the basis of the regional property and regional cost accounting. The regional economics, social and economic geography and other social sciences studying economy, can be included into the single research group (program) on studying such subjects of territorial management as household, neighborhood community (Territorial Self-Government), municipal union, area of regional rank, as well as informal objects – intraregional and large economic districts, industrial and territorial complexes and clusters.

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Vitaliy N.  Lazhentsev – Corresponding Member of RAS, Dr. Sci. (Geogr.), Professor, Institute of Socioeconomic  and Energy Problems of the North of the Komi Science Centre of the Ural Branch of RAS (Syktyvkar, Russian Federation; e-mail: vnlazhentsev@iespn.komisc.ru).