2019 (16), №3

Digitalization of the Regional Socio-Ecological-Economic Space of Russia



For citation: 

Valko, D. V. (2019). Digitalization of the Regional Socio-Ecological-Economic Space of Russia. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(3), 402-413


The purpose of this article is to conduct the descriptive analysis of value creation based on public participation in the digitization of socio-ecological-economic space in the Russian regions. Content analysis of crowdsourcing projects with the participation of local communities has been carried out based on general scientific, descriptive, and comparative methods within the framework of the concepts of the digital economy, adaptive management of the territorial system, and ecological rationality. As a result, the role of big data in the infrastructure of the digital economy is determined; a characteristic of digital interaction of the people with state and local administration in the regions of Russia at the present stage is given. The role of open data and crowdsourcing technology in this process is shown; domestic digital crowdsourcing projects in the field of regional ecology and highlighted their common features are analyzed; the effects accompanying the transformation of a public initiative into newly created value in the conditions of the development of the digital economy are highlighted. It has been concluded that public participation, potentially, is the most important factor in the digitalization of regional space, not only because of the high interest of local communities, but also because of their higher adaptability and ecological rationality, compared to state structures. Meanwhile, the role of the corporate sector and public administration institutions in the region, at this stage of digitalization, should be to involve investments in the development of digital infrastructure (open data, intelligent platforms, etc.) and increase digital and real openness of functioning.

Danila Valeryevich Valko — PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Provost for Research, South-Ural Institute of Management and Economics (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation; e-mail: valkodv@inueco.ru).