2020 (17), №2

The Phenomenon of Industrial Cluster: Systematic Agglomeration Approach



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Koshcheev, D. A., & Tretyakova, Е. А. (2020). The Phenomenon of Industrial Cluster: Systematic Agglomeration Approach. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 17 (2), 451-465


In the context of increasing competition between territories at the regional level, the relevant question is a complex development of sectors and divers of the economic growth, one of which is industry. However, the cluster approach, traditionally used for this purpose, was criticized in 2010–2014 due to contradictions in the theory and methodology in its structure, which reduced the effectiveness of the created territorial and economic systems. Attempts to solve the problem through the systematization of cluster theory did not achieve the goal due to the inconsistency of the method of theoretical analysis with the criteria of historicity and completeness. We have proposed our modification of the theoretical analysis, which contributed to reconstruct the process of scientific views’ evolution on the phenomenon of territorial-economic systems. Its structure includes five scientific schools, which, in turn, gave rise to six modern approaches to the industrial cluster. The conceptual analysis of the approaches showed their potential disability to form the aggregate picture of industrial cluster. The general reason for it is the tendency of each approach to fix on particular aspects of internal or external cluster milieu. To solve the problem mentioned we suggested a new approach to industrial cluster based on agglomeration and system approaches combination. The new approach will provide theoretically and methodologically consistent integral view on the nature of industrial cluster. The aspect mentioned will potentially make empirical investigations based on it more objective.

Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Koshcheev — Lecturer, Department of Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Perm, Russian Federation; e-mail: DAKoshcheev@hse.ru).

Elena Andreevna Tretyakova — Doctor of Economics, Professor, Department of Global and Regional Economies, Economic Theory, Perm State University (Perm, Russian Federation; e-mail: E.A.T.pnrpu@yandex.ru).