2019 (16), №4

The Role of the Networking Potential Capacity of Organization in Development Strategy



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Tikhonova, A. D. (2019). The Role of the Networking Potential Capacity of Organization in Development Strategy. Zhurnal ekonomicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(4), 875-880


The development of an organization based on the effective management of interactions between firms in an emerging digital economy has resulted in new ideas and projects, a more effi ent use of organizational resources, solutions to common problems of organization and its components, necessary ways of development strategies’ coordination by applying new technologies. These new technologies reduce transaction costs and allow economic actors to quickly adapt to dynamic changes in the external environment. The article is devoted to theoretical analysis of the role of network capacity in the organization development strategy as the essential element of intercompany interactions management. This networking potential leads to creating cooperation value and achieving sustainable competitive advantage through partnerships. The article resulted in the model for organizational development strategy management based on network potential. The model is based on categorical systemic methodology, which allows creating high- quality models based on the final information flow. The proposed structure of logical levels enables to clarify the understanding of firm’s organization and to describe the components of the development in order to manage further strategy of intercompany interactions by manipulating such components as production, competitive advantages, research, learning, digitalization. The model built in the framework of the study indicates the essence of intercompany interactions as a research object. The model will help any economic entity (organization) to create tasks, find its solutions and build a draft strategy for the development of intercompany interactions in the form of a logically completed cycle in the process of optimizing this entity’s management system.

Anna Dmitrievna Tikhonova — Senior Lecturer, Department of Enterprise Economics, Ural State University of Economics (Ekaterinburg, Russian Fedeartion; e-mail: yami513@mail.ru).