2019 (16), №3

Evaluation of the Cluster Development Effectiveness of a Petrochemical Complex



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Beilin, I. L. (2019). Evaluation of the Cluster Development Effectiveness of a Petrochemical Complex. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(3), 388-401


The article discusses the results of implementing the concept of cluster development of Russian regional economic systems based on approaches of the theory of territorial competition and M. Porter’s agglomeration economy. An assessment of the effectiveness of the petrochemical and chemical cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan as the main factor of regional competitiveness has been made. The data on the increase in the number of enterprises of the regional petrochemical complex and on the increase in the share of private capital in it are analyzed. The economic-statistical information on the results of petrochemical and chemical types of foreign economic activity of the region during the most active functioning of the cluster has been formed. The interdependence of the dynamics of export and import of hydrocarbon raw materials and products with a high value-added cluster is given as an indicator characterizing the competitiveness of petrochemical production and the ability to implement an import substitution program. Based on the econometric and cluster analysis of the data of the foreign economic activity of the Republic of Tatarstan, the fulfillment of the positive effects of the clustering theory in the Association “Non-Profit Partnership ‘Kamsky Innovative Territorial-Production Cluster’ ” has been assessed.

Igor Leonidovich Beilin — PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (Kazan, Russian Federation; e-mail: i.beilin@rambler.ru).