2019 (16), №3

Scientific Criteria and Means of Enhancing the Heuristic Potential of Economic Theory



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Dyatel, E. P. (2019). Scientific Criteria and Means of Enhancing the Heuristic Potential of Economic Theory. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(3), 513-527


The aim of the article is to verify and falsify the basic assumptions of the labour theory of value by K. Marx. This will ensure the delineation of their scientific validity and ways of integration into contemporary economic thinking. The following are the points that require rethinking: two-fold character of labour; its implementation in use and exchange value of goods; economic nature of money; patterns of production and functioning of labour power as a commodity. For example, the natural (and — in this sense — uniform) measure for use values (in units, tons, yards) and labour (cost of labour in physiological sense) cannot be used for verification of the social form of use value and sociality of work. Such a discrepancy between the naturally tangible material basis and the socio-economic form of its implementation can be seen in other basic categories of «Capital». The authorial interpretation of studied concepts is offered. It is concluded that their falsifiability represents a condition of their verification and a prerequisite for the increase of the heuristic potential of Marx’s economic theory.

Evgeny Petrovich Dyatel — Doctor of Economics, Professor at the Department of Political Economy, Ural State University of Economics (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: dуatel1942@mail.ru).