2019 (16), №3

“Institutional Corridor” as a Category of Socio-economic Analysis



For citation: 

Ksenzova, V. E., & Ksenzov, S. V. (2019). “Institutional Corridor” as a Category of Socio-economic Analysis. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(3), 488-497


In this article, the notion of “institutional corridor” has been adjusted. This term is understood as a direction of development of an economic and social system in time, assuming the presence of formal and informal boundaries and contributing or impeding the realization of economic, social, and moral energy of people. The institutional corridor determines the movement vector of total energy of a society which unites physical, moral, and social energy. The first manifests itself in society as an economic action; the second — as a moral and ideological action; the third — as an action in the field of social interrelations of individuals of this particular society between themselves and their interaction with members of other societies. The essence and sequence of institutional building reconstruction is revealed. The article exemplifies that timely and adequate reconstruction of the institutional corridor helps to avoid institutional traps. A starting point and a scheme for the formation of an institutional corridor have been identified during the reconstruction process.

Valentina Eduardovna Ksenzova — PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Institutional Economy, Belarus State University (Minsk, Belarus; e-mail: ksenzova@list.ru).

Sergey Vladimirovich Ksenzov — PhD in History, Associate Professor at the Department of International Business, Belarus State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus; e-mail: sksenzov@mail.ru).