2020 (17), №1

Heterodox Theories of Strategizing Territory



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Frolov, D. P., Strekalova, A. S., & Tazhibov, A. A. (2020). Heterodox Theories of Strategizing Territory. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 17 (1), 65-78


Theoretical foundation of territory long-term-development strategic planning and management (cities, agglomerations, regions) is a set of popular applied concepts. The classical regional theories are rejected and there is no systemic theoretical alternative to its. The theoretical strategizing takes the form of the managerial art, which is the subject to of applied approaches change. The aim of the paper is to compare review of theoretical approaches heterodox type to strategic management of territorial development study. The other goal of study is to analyze the common academic research formation program perspectives. There are the following research objectives: qualitative assessment of territorial strategizing theoretical basis; the analysis of heterodox theories promotion in the field of social-economic development of territory regulations. The methodology of the study is the comparative analysis, theoretical benchmarking, expert analysis. The analysis of heterodox theory (evolutional, institutional, behavioral economy and place marketing/branding) is presented in terms of studied factors, instruments, strategic development of territories. The intersections of these approaches are identified, the model of interaction of binary and ternary is presented, the perspective of its unification and formation of integrative heterodox territorial strategizing theory is discussed.

Daniil Petrovich Frolov — Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of World Economy and Economic Theory, Volgograd State Technical University (Volgograd, Russian Federation; e-mail: ecodev@mail.ru).

Anastasiya Sergeevna Strekalova — PhD in Biological Sciences, Senior Research Associate of Department of Marketing, Volgograd State University (Volgograd, Russian Federation; e-mail: strekalovaas@mail.ru).

Aziz  Abdulvagabovich  Tazhibov  —  PhD  in  Economics,  Associate  Professor  of  Department  of  State  Municipal Management, Volgograd State University (Volgograd, Russian Federation; e-mail: a_tazhibov@volganet.ru).