2019 (16), №2

Perception of Innovations in Place Marketing: Role of Stakeholders’ Communities



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Strekalova, A. S. (2019). Perception of Innovations in Place Marketing: Role of Stakeholders’ Communities. Zhurnal Economicheskoj Teorii [Russian Journal of Economic Theory], 16(2), 293-304


This article raises the question of the role of stakeholders’ communities (local interest groups) during the process of perception and routinization of innovations in the field of place marketing. This study expands the concept of innovation commons of D. Allen and J. Potts, focusing on the differences in the perception of the innovation process by actors on the part of supply and on the part of demand. For the first time, the phenomenon of the adoption of innovations in the field of stakeholders’ place marketing in different phases of the innovation process — phase commons — is considered. Behaviour patterns of representative agents of phase commons, their psychographic characteristics and communication specifics, including those in Web 2.0, are disclosed. Management issues in the phase innovation commons of place that are associated with the presence of gaps between adjacent phases of the introduction of marketing innovations are identified. The concept of Tardian minorities, which are a factor in overcoming these issues, is introduced. Directions of a new (interactive) communication policy concerning skeptics and haters of innovations in place marketing are formulated.

Anastasia Sergeevna Strekalova — PhD in Biology, Senior Research Associate at the Department of Marketing, Volgograd State University (Volgograd, Russian Federation; e-mail: strekalovaas@mail.ru).